Mobility Scooter Hire Discounts on the Costa del Sol!!!

Hi Everyone!

Hope the day finds you all well.Chiringuito

I was delivering a mobility scooter for hire to one of my regular clients today in Fuengirola and was a few minutes early, so decided to have a coffee in one of the cafes on the paseo to watch the world go by for a bit. (It’s not all work here y’know!)

I was thinking about the client and how many times they have used my services not only in Fuengirola, but at hotels in Benalmadena and Torremolinos too. They come to coast around 2 or 3 times a year and stay a couple of weeks each time.

This then got me thinking about another client who comes to Torremolinos – Robin. He also uses my services quite a few times a year – thank you Robin – and this year I did him a deal where he booked his mobility hire for 3 separate holidays in advance. As he regularly hires from me for Torremolinos, I gave him a good discount for paying in advance. I was happy and I think he was happy too! (I’m sure you’ll let me know Robin)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, as I was driving to my delivery, I started to go through in my head actually how many regular clients I am lucky to have who use my hire services 2, 3, sometimes even 4 times a year! So as I am approaching my 4th year here on the Costa del Sol (September 4th) I thought I would do something very special for all the clients who use my services time after time. So I came up with this…


Huge Discounts For ALL Mobility Abroad Costa del Sol Clients!


Pay in advance for your Mobility Scooter Hire and receive a HUGE DISCOUNT!

Normal weekly Hire Price for a medium size scooter at the moment is 70 euro. So… Here’s the deal!


Mobility Scooter Hire Option 1. – 12 weeks advance hire packageMobility Abroad Costa del Sol

Pay for 12 weeks Mobility Scooter Hire in advance for just 540 euro… This works out at just 45 euro a week for your mobility scooter…

SAVE 300 EURO!!!

Mobility Scooter Hire Option 2. – 25 weeks advance hire package.

Pay for 20 weeks Mobility Scooter Hire in advance for just 1000 euro…This works out at just 40 euro a week for your mobility scooter…

SAVE 750 EURO!!!

There is no time limit as to when you use the weeks to hire the scooter.

Hire for one week in one month, another two weeks two months later. Save your weeks for the following year/s etc.

Protects you against hire price rises too! So chances are you will save a bit more money. Once you’ve paid for your weeks you can take them anytime you want – Even if it takes 5 years or more!

A couple of “Buts”…

1. I’m sorry, but the weeks can’t be transferred to another person and the package will only apply to one named person.
2. If you are outside the free delivery areas, the delivery charges will still apply.
3. Only applies to a minimum one week booking at a time – Not a day or 2 at a time here and there. If you need it for 10 / 11 / 13 days etc that is not a problem.

Apart from that, that’s it!

It’s just a way of me saying thank you to my regular clients to whom I’d like to give something back!

And if you live on the Costa del Sol for a few months of the year, this could be a great way of being mobile without the need to buy a Mobility scooter and then have to leave it in storage whilst you go back home.

To book your Hire Option, or to ask me any questions regarding the above, just contact me.

I do hope you like what I have put together for you. It actually feels to me like a proper sale with big discounts, as opposed to the “Sales” where you get a measly 5% or 10% of the ticket price!

So that’s it from me for now. I feel a “cheeky little red” is about to be opened once I finish typing!

All the best to you…